4 Things People Forget to Pack, But Shouldn't

Published: 14th January 2009
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4 Things People Forget to Pack, But Shouldn't

Even when the perfect dream vacation is planned, booked, and ready to be embarked upon, there is one final obstacle: packing the bags! All of us have had bad experiences with this, and they usually involve things we forgot to pack. Oh, sure, the "important" stuff always seems to get remembered - clothes, belts, toothbrushes, and toiletries. But nothing makes seemingly unimportant items seem important like forgetting to pack them. So in this article, we'll run down four things people forget to pack that come back to haunt them!

1) Cell phone chargers

This is one of the easiest things to forget, and also one of the worst. Nothing spoils a vacation like having your cell phone die after 2 days because you left the charger in the electical outlet at home. This is even worse when you are vacationing in rural or undeveloped areas, as your chances of finding a store that sells your type of charger are very low. Your choices then become simply letting the phone die, trying to preserve the battery by turning it off for hours at a time, or just opting to not use it at all. No one wants to make that choice (especially if your phone is also your camera), so remember to pack that charger!

2) Electrical adapters when traveling overseas

Another all-too-common and very frustrating thing is to travel overseas with your laptop, only to realize that you cannot plug your three-prong cord into the electical outlet. Most overseas hotels and houses offer two-prong adapters, but not three-prong adapters. You are then forced to either scour the local marketplace for a three-prong adapter, snap the third prong off of your cord (not advised), or simply don't use your laptop. Often this last option is unacceptable, so make sure you pack a three-prong adapter before you leave if you are going overseas and need to use an appliance!

3) Reading material carried with you, not stowed in carry-on

You never know when a huge line or wait will form. It could be while you're waiting to board the plane, while you're waiting to exit the plane, or while you mysteriously get stuck on the plane during one of those infamous unexplained delays. Any number of another annoying and boring delays could crop up before you get to your destination or as you are leaving it. And in these situations, having something to read can make all the difference. Problem is, most people stash their reading material in their stow-away luggage that goes in the belly of the plane. Wont do you much good there!

4) Extra pair of contact lenses or glasses

Nothing is worse for someone who wears contacts or glasses than to have either malfunction during a trip. It is literally impossible to enjoy yourself if your contact lens tears or your glasses break. You will not be able to see any of the great sights you came for, or even concentrate on anything other than how you hate not being able to see anything. Sadly, few glasses or contact lens wearers think ahead and pack spares. They should. You will breath the world's biggest sigh of relief if you need them and actually have them available to use.
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